Motor Car - Just Finished On Aug 24th 2015

An old song re-recorded as the old version was recorded on a 4-track. this one was recorded on the Zoom R-16

3000 Miles
Made in studio in Victoria B.C.

Made in studio in Victoria B.C. Same E.P. as 3000 Miles

New and Classic songs

Halifax - A New Recording
A song about Halifax, and leaving a loved one behind for many different reasons

Welcome to the Timmy James Experience!

Timmy James 

      The height of eclectisism

Because i feel influenced by almost everything around me, I have a passion to express myself anyway I can. Through music, literature, cinema. Any medium i can get my hands on. My influences range from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, Suicidal Rock Gods, Death and Mortality, Noise, Universal Nature, Science, Faith, Religion, Spirituality, Morality, Society, Sex, Small towns, Biology, People, Metal, Glam Rock, Andy Kaufman, Underground punk from the late 80's, Early 90's, Freestyle Blues, and, of course, David Bouchard's Dog. I went from Grunge bands like Nirvana, Earth, and The Pixies, into blues/rock bands like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Derek and the Dominoes,  and The Bluesbreakers; I went from 80’s new wave bands, like Talking heads and New Order, to modern experimentalists. Everyday, I see modern artists who set their sights selfishly inwards and completely forget about the world in which they are immersed. it's a kind of egotistical introspection I hope to replace with socially conscious and relevant music that places a spot light on the injustices of society. But how does one succeed in such an elusive industry, one that is infamous for swallowing artists like me, whole, on a regular basis? Well, by making my way through the sphincter of mainstream society’s proverbial asshole with eclecticism and accessibility as my tongs. I will make a home there, only to give it indigestion and create ulcers until it becomes septic and dies. I will help a new world grow. the old and shallow decaying material will feed amicable and altruistic ideals. We will have complete musical freedom without the need to label or compare art and artists. a world where music is not a string of contrived, pitch-perfect notes, but pure, unadulterated passion dripping with raw authenticity. Amen